Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW // Songs for Imaginative People by Darwin Deez

Songs for Imaginative People, the second full-length album from New York based musician Darwin Deez, is like a bottle of wine; it gets better and better with time or in this case play-throughs. It is an album that to some might be a little rough at first but instantly begins to grow on you if given the chance.

Definitely one of the most playful and, as the album suggests, imaginative albums I have heard in recent years. Every single song is creative in it's lyrics and for the most part this a very well done album. Some parts I wished were different but there was nothing that I really hated. It has a rocky start with songs like Moonlit and No Love but the rest of this album is great fun, especially the second half.

You are thrown right into the action with the opening track (800) HUMAN. It's almost as if Darwin is trying to sell you on his new album, something I have never experienced from the actual artist. Usually it's a reviewer (like me) or your friends that try to persuade you into either buying or not buying an album. Now granted the song isn't actually about you buying his new album but it still feels like it's been designed this way. (800) HUMAN is what I was referring to earlier with the wine thing. At first listen I wasn't too pleased at all with side A (songs 1-5). After a couple listens though, this song along with the next one You Can't Be My Girl and the fifth track, Good to Lose started to really grow on me. But the album really shines on the second half especially with songs like Alice, Redshift, and my favorite track Chelsea's Hotel. These tracks really show how Darwin Deez is progressing as a band since their last release. I just wish the first half sounded more like these. Listen to the album below and tell me what you think!

(800) HUMAN - Darwin Deez

Redshift - Darwin Deez

Chelsea's Hotel


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