Monday, February 4, 2013

NEWS // My Bloody Valentine releases new album "m b v"

Well it's finally here and it only took a little over two decades. My Bloody Valentine released a follow up to their 1991 classic Loveless this past week called m b v and it has already broke the internet with it's epicness. Upon hearing the news that the Dublin based band would be releasing a new album, people all over scrambled to their computers in an attempt to get their hands on this long-awaited LP causing the band's new and still buggy website to crack under the pressure. For the next couple of hours eager fans waited patiently (and not-so-patiently) for the website to go back up.

Well now the website is back up and has been for a while so we can all sleep easy now that we're able to buy, listen, and fall in love with m b v, even if it is a whopping $16. If you are like the many who are unsure whether you want to shell out that much cash for a 9 track album (a price which is almost doubled if you want a vinyl!) then don't worry there are still ways of hearing the album. MBV has also uploaded the full album to Youtube so you can find it there while you wait for the price to go down.

A full review of m b v will come in the future but for now I'll say this. My Bloody Valentine and a lot of shoegaze music for that matter can be hard to listen to if you are unfamiliar with what shoegaze sounds like. It's a very dense and layered genre of music and requires multiple listens to experience completely. I for one love the genre along with it's cousin dream-pop and think that this is a great example of what shoegaze is. Just remember that if you start listening expecting to hear really up-beat and fast rock you're going to be disappointed. These songs are as obscured and dreamy as the album cover that accompanies them. 


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