Saturday, February 9, 2013

ALBUM REVIEW // Heartthrob by Tegan And Sara

Tegan And Sara released their newest album Heartthrob not too long ago and it has been met with split reviews. From what I've seen listeners are either in love with it or hate it, some calling it their worst release to date. I wouldn't go that far as I found a lot of songs in Heartthrob to be quite enjoyable but, in the end I would have to say that I am disappointed in the direction Tegan And Sara have gone in this newest release.

Heartthrob is the band's seventh full-length album and their most accessible at that. It is tailored for a wider audience then most of their other releases and has what some would call a "top 40" sound to it. Is this bad though? Well, it depends on your personal taste in music. If you are someone who listens to a lot of indie music because you don't like what mainstream music sounds like (for whatever reason, let's not "soap-box" here) then you might be unimpressed with this album. In the end though it's not some horrible icky "mainstream" thing. In the end it's just an indie electro-pop album which honestly, actually has some really good songs on it. Songs like "Closer", "Goodbye Goodbye", and "Drove Me Wild" are all very catchy and very entertaining songs which are definitely worth a listen. What do you do think?


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