Friday, December 21, 2012

Single Review // I Can't Look After You by Temple Songs

Happy end of the world readers! Are you dead yet? If you're not, awesome! I'm not dead yet either, which is why I'm typing this right now.

So yesterday afternoon, the band Temple Songs released new music to their bandcamp page. Their newest release is a single called I Can't Look After You. It features two new songs from the psychedelic group called I Can't Look After You and I Just Saw Sonny.

The Good
Today's review will be a very simple and very short one mainly due to the fact that it is a review of a single rather than a long LP or EP. Temple Songs continue to have a slightly different sound in each release they put out. I Can't Look After You is a more abrasive and jumpy surf-pop single than their last full-length album, 15 Bygones was. It's opening track, the one the single is named after, is a great track with a classic very lo-fi surf-pop feel to it. It also it very similar in style to their EP Luxury Lice. Their track Sunspot Dandyline, in style and in it's general atmosphere, is a less lo-fi and abrasive version of I Can't Look After You. These two songs, I Can't Look After You and I Just Saw Sonny, give the listener a feel of being live at a concert held somewhere local and relaxed like a bar or a pub. A great find for any rock lover.

The Bad
I Can't Look After You is not without flaws though. At first listen the track I Just Saw Sonny is an interesting find, and it is debatable whether the good kind. While the music accompanying the vocals is nice and well played through-out the track, the vocals sheer harshness and intensity is surprising and possibly unwanted to unsuspecting ears. After a few listens both songs grew on my deeply and while I still am I little unsure about the second track off this new single, it is definitely worth the download and the addition to one's personal library. 

I Can't Look After You can be downloaded for free on Temple Songs's Bandcamp page. Below you can listen to the first track off the single and download the full single to your computer. Hope you enjoy it and thank's for reading. 


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