Thursday, November 22, 2012

Apache Kid - Goodbye GOTE

Happy Thursday everyone! For those of you in America, how are those Thanksgiving plans coming along? Me? I'm just staying home with my family for it. My break from school started on Tuesday so I've been relaxing/working/blogging. So pretty much the daily routine but at home...

Anyway, do you all know that amazing feeling you get when you find an old band you once listened to randomly while web-surfing? Well I experienced it again today when I was looking into a band that was recommended to me a couple weeks ago. The band isn't this one but it kind of is. This is Apache Kid, not to be confused with Apache Beat which is what I almost type every time I type their name. Apache Kid is a lo-fi indie rock band from Connecticut that recently changed their name to Peace Museum, the band that I was checking out.

If you like this and their other songs and wish they had more than 2 demos out then make sure you check out their new thing at Peace Museum. They've definitely returned to a special place in my heart! Links below

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