Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Treehouse - Autonomous

Howdy everyone! Lets get some funky hip-hop up in dis joint! This is Treehouse and they have, just at the start of this month, released a new EP called Tell No One. How about you don't follow their rules and tell all of your hip-hop loving friends to buy this because it is awesome. 

Now I'm going to be honest, hip-hop isn't one of my favorite music genres and rap is especially not one of my favorites. I just never really got into it that much. But that doesn't mean I hate it. Bands like Kid CudiLupe Fiasco, and The Seed are great, and Treehouse will now be part of that list with this new EP, Tell No One. I especially like this song "Autonomous" because he incorporates more than just a beat into his music. There's actual music! Make sure you check out his full EP on his bandcamp page and then head over to iTunes and buy it. 


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