Wednesday, September 12, 2012

EP Review: goodbyes by the bilinda butchers

Everyone, guess what! the bilinda butchers have finally come out with new music! Yeah, I'm really excited too! Let's jam-out together while I tell you stuff!

goodbyes is the second EP from San Francisco based dream-pop band, the bilinda butchers. This newest EP features the same dreamy droned-out vocals and electronic beats that their debut EP regret, love, guilt, dreams had with a new almost post-rock sound in the last song, "little leaf".  

If you dig this EP as much as I do please support the bilinda butchers by paying for the EP. Right now their Bandcamp page is doing a "Name Your Price" for it so anything really would help! Even just a dollar!

If you're really cool then head over to their record label DiscAu and grab a limited edition colored vinyl! Enjoy your day everyone!


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