Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Album Review: Shields by Grizzly Bear

So Grizzly Bear is finally out with a new album! This newest album is called Shields and is currently out everywhere by now. Spotify was doing something weird earlier today but below you can listen the the album in it's entirety (with the usual ads here and there). 

Shields is a good album. As a person who "likes but isn't the hugest fan of folk music" I would definitely say this is one of my favorite folk albums. Grizzly Bear always does a great job organizing their songs in albums and more importantly, does a great job mixing folk and psychedelia in their songs. The way I think of it is if you were to mesh Tame Impala with Fleet Foxes, you would get something like Grizzly Bear.

Overall I'd say Shields was a pretty successful album. The first two songs were great, especially the ending in "Speak in Rounds" when the horns came in. And there was the generic indie rock / indie folk songs too like "Yet Again" but that's fine! You need those every once in a while. I will admit though, not all the songs were great. Some seemed to drag on a bit but overall the album was great. One of my favorites was definitely "gun-shy". It's not as catchy of a song as "Yet Again" is but the beat and general feel to it is really nice.


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