Monday, September 3, 2012

Album Review: Nocturne by Wild Nothing

The many different covers for Nocturne
So it is finally here! The newest album by the always great dream-pop group, Wild Nothing. This newest album is called Nocturne and it is the band's second album and this album has a lot of variation in it. There isn't just one single kind of sound to Nocturne, which is a good thing. So many times I have found myself bored halfway through an album because all of the songs sound the same. Bands like The Drums and Sigur Rós often do this to me. Not that their bad bands, in fact they're some of my favorites, it's only that their songs can get repetitive after a while.

You can tell just by listening that variation and this sense of inescapable change was a big theme in the making of Nocturne. There are slow, dreamy songs like "Through the Grass", but there are also the faster, more indie-pop tunes like, "Only Heather". My favorite song at the moment is probably, "Shadow". The instrumentation within this album is also very diverse and is persistent throughout the entire album. This all makes for a really well put together sound and composition. 


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