Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Album Review: Centipede Hz by Animal Collective

Well guys, it's finally here. If you have no idea what I'm talking about I feel oh so very sorry for you because everyone should know what Animal Collective is. They are by far one of my favorite bands ever. If you aren't really a very adventurous music listener then Animal Collective probably isn't the band for you but, to those who like to listen to incredibly weird and cool stuff, you now have another great album to add to your library.

Centipede Hz is the ninth album from avant-garde group Animal Collective. It also is the first album since their 2007 album Strawberry Jam to feature all four of the original band members.

Centipede Hz is a very active and fast paced album. It jumps all over the place and for good reason. This reason being first and foremost, who wants to listen to the same thing for 11 songs? But also does this because part of the inspiration behind Centipede Hz is the sound of the static and white-noise you can hear when trying to tune into a radio station. This sound is present in a lot of the songs especially in the beginning of "Applesauce" and "Today's Supernatural".

Over all I really liked and enjoyed listening to Centipede Hz and would recommend it to anyone you isn't scared to try out something different. It is by no means normal music but that is what makes Animal Collective such an awesome group. You can check out a few songs from Centipede Hz below. Thanks for reading!

Today's Supernatural by Animal Collective on Grooveshark
Father Time by Animal Collective on Grooveshark
Amanita by Animal Collective on Grooveshark


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