Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Low Voltage Rangers

So I totes-magotes missed my dentist appointment today, so........that was a thing that happened. Also, Low Voltage Rangers released their first album. Well, that didn't happened today, but I felt I'd still talk about it.

It's pretty good. Low Voltage Rangers is a band from Milwuakee with a kind of alt-rock, electro-pop sound to them, which is really new. Not the whole "We're a band from Milwuakee" part, but the mixing of alt-rock and electro-pop thing. And it sounds really good! Songs like "Columns" and "The Mourning Grew Flowers" I think are really good examples of this. In fact, I was reminded of Blink-182 when I first listened to "Columns".

Here are just a couple great songs from Phantom Forces. If you like these songs definitely go check out the full album at their bandcamp page! Not all of us have $7 though, so at least go and like their facebook page. See you guys tomorrow!

Columns by Low Voltage Rangers

Secrets by Low Voltage Rangers


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