Friday, July 27, 2012

Album Review: Gossamer by Passion Pit

First of all, if you can't listen to this track as it is and don't mind getting Spotify, go do that right now. I'm just trying out the whole "Hey man, did you know that Spotify can be in your blogs and shit?" thing that Spotify always tells me about every like 10 mins. The fact that you have to be logged into Spotify to use the player just makes me hate Spotify even more.

Anyway, holy slug! Passion Pit has finally released another album! Gossamer is definitely one of my favorites to date! I have always loved Passion Pit and this new album just adds more love-wood to the love-fire. It burns brightly today. I feel that Gossamer has more funk and rhythm than their previous albums, Manners and Chunk of Change. Songs like "Constant Conversations" definitely show this with their slowed down tempo and the way lead singer Michael Angelakos sings. Like most Passion Pit albums it has a lot of electro-pop and dance elements in it, especially in the opening song "Take a Walk" and in others throughout the album.

Make sure you grab this album from their website!


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