Friday, June 22, 2012

Lower Dens - Brains

Man, waking up at like 2 in the afternoon sure doesn't give me a lot of time to think of great ideas for posts to this blog. But I don't think you guys will be disappointed, today's post is both a music post and a news post. I know! Two for the price of one and you aren't even paying for one because this is a free blog! You're welcome.

This is Lower Dens, and they are currently on tour. If you dig this song you should definitely check them out and support them. Hell, even just listening to their music on something like Spotify is supporting them cause they always talk about how it gets the artists money. But I personally hate Spotify with a passion so I'll stick to just buying my music. Anyway if you are interested in where Lower Dens is touring, you can check it out below.

Lower Dens website:
Lower Dens Tour list:


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