Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Atlas Genius releases debut EP

Hey all! Welcome back. Yesterday, the Australian band Atlas Genius released their debut EP entitled Through the Glass. Now, Atlas Genius has had a place in my heart for a while for their song "Trojans" (which is song #1 off the EP) because I just really like it. I always wished that these guys would make more music and now they have! Guys, our wishes have been granted!

Through the Glass as stated before is Atlas Genius's first EP and it features 3 songs on it:

1. Trojans
2. Back Seat
3. Symptoms

Here is the last song off their EP called "Symptoms"

If you like this please support the artist! Currently I only see the EP on iTunes but it's there for only $3!

Atlas Genius website:
iTunes page for the EP:


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