Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EP Review: Animal Collective "Honeycomb/Gotham"

Earlier this month the group, Animal Collective released a new EP entitled Honeycomb/Gotham. To all who have never heard of Animal Collective, they're pretty cool. I know, right now you're probably thinking, "Squanto, you suck ass at describing bands," but Animal Collective isn't a band, so your statement is false. 

I'll leave the lengthy description and discography of them to a later post but Animal Collective is...well a collective of avant-garde artists that have been making some really groovy music since 2000. Their newest creation, and EP called Honeycomb/Gotham, is just as weird and amazing as all their music and is definitely worth a listen.

Animal Collective is definitely an experimental group. if you have never heard experimental music you might not like it. Not gonna lie to you and say its awesome, it's an acquired taste but I personally think that experimental music is the coolest stuff ever. It's so fun to listen to because it is nothing like "normal" music.

Here's a link to the first song on Honeycomb/Gotham called, you guessed it, Honeycomb.

And here's the second song, Gotham. Enjoy!


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