Sunday, January 15, 2012

Small Black

NOTE: This is an old post and may be deleted in the future. For now you can read it and reminisce about days when my writing was even worse than it is now. Enjoy!

See that man head banging wildly to Weird Machines by Small Black? Oh yeah that's right you can't see me. I guess that's good actually because now you don't have to be subjected me singing every word to this amazing song.

First off, you're welcome. And if you're not digging these guys as much as I am, what's wrong with you! I'm sorry you feel that way.

Small Black is an electronic/chillwave band from Brooklyn, NY that's been putting together some pretty rad EP's and CD's since late 2009.

But enough of me talking about how much I love them. Here are some of their best songs, in my opinion. These guys put out a new mix-tape pretty recently. You can find said mix-tape here (at their website!)

I tried my hardest to get an embedded file of Weird Machines but there are none so here's a link to their Myspace page

Despicable Dogs by Small Black


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