Friday, January 13, 2012


NOTE: This is an old post and may be deleted in the future. For now you can read it and reminisce about days when my writing was even worse than it is now. Enjoy!

The first band to feature on this blog was a tough decision. In fact, the right blogging site was a tough decision! In the end I went with Google's Blogger and with the most indie band I knew of; the one no one but a few people know of!

This band is Rites. They are a two-man band from Chicago with a really nice dance/electronic sound. They released their first EP, just simply called Rites EP in April of 2011 and are currently working on their next.

Below is their newest song called Pinch. It can be found on their SoundCloud page and on their website along with all their other songs. Be sure to check them out, the songs are free to download too!


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