Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cloud Nothings

NOTE: This is an old post and may be deleted in the future. For now you can read it and reminisce about days when my writing was even worse than it is now. Enjoy!

I saw this guy with really far-out glasses yesterday at Chipotle. He reminded me of Cloud Nothings' Lead Singer Dylan Baldi. It also reminded me that I am in desperate need of some really awesome glasses but that's beside the point.

Cloud Nothings is such a great band. One of my favorites actually. They're a lo-fi noise-pop band from Cleveland with two totally kick-ass albums and couple just as good singles.

It's hard to choose just a couple songs to show you guys how cool these guys are but here's a couple that I think are exceptionally good. If you like these songs be sure to check their other songs out!

Here's their iTunes page

Cloud Nothings- Didn't You

Cloud Nothings- Should Have


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